Scientific Evidence For Acupuncture

Scientific Endorsement

The scientific study of Acupuncture began in the ’70s. Acupuncture has become popular world over. Acupuncture is a conquering position as an efficient and safe therapeutic method. The amount of cumulated scientific evidence is already enough to guarantee a highly detached status for acupuncture among other complementary therapies. In many countries, acupuncture is well integrated into conventional health systems.

Currently, Acupuncture is practiced in more than 160 countries and regions. The UNESCO (United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) inscribed acupuncture on its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. There cannot be larger acclamation to acupuncture therapy than this.

In the US, the National Institute of Health and NCCAOM Promote National Acupuncture Recognition. In other countries also, acupuncture is in demand and many colleges are already teaching it over a decade. The number of acupuncture schools in the United States has continued to grow since the creation of the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) in 1982. At present, approximately 50 schools are either accredited by ACAOM or are candidates for accreditation, providing high – quality education in acupuncture and Oriental medicine to thousands of students each year.

It is also interesting to note that most scientific and medical institutions and agencies of India have shown an intense scientific interest in the development and standardized application of acupuncture. The premier medical research body – The Indian Council of Medical and applied Research (ICMR) has already identified fundamental area of medical research on acupuncture as an important area of medical research. ICMR experts are giving more stress to its mechanism of action, immune-modulatory properties, and philosophical dimensions. Many other eminent medical professionals are also showing growing interest in this traditional but potentially very effective is of healing.

Acupuncture treats the internal energy imbalance in the organs to restore health, by stimulating the Neuro-hormones and Bio-mediators. Such Neuro-hormonal meditation, Vaso-vagal harmonizing and immune-enhancing effect of acupuncture has placed the therapy in the hands of “Open Minded” scientist, doctors and healers. The therapy has been proven to be cost-effective and preventive.

Acupuncture has no side effects. It is acclaimed to be simple, safe, highly effective and economical. Though this therapy is ancient, it has found its place among the most popular just within the last two decades. More than 10 million people in the USA and European countries have taken advantage of this therapy as a complementary and alternative method and its usefulness is successfully spreading all over the world.

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